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Sizing Up

Hi Cyberworld,

I know its been a while since my last post but I’ve been really busy the past little while! ┬áBut not to worry, I’m back now and I’ve got something new to say!

Recently Tim Horton’s in the Lower Mainland altered their product line up by adding a new cup size, taking one away and changing the names around. They added a new size that will be their largest cup size yet. So, to ensure that the cup sizes titles were more indicative of their true sizes, the names got switched around. The new size is now called the Extra Large, and the original cups are labelled one size smaller (medium becomes small, large becomes medium etc.).

My Thoughts:

I think this is a great move by Timmy’s. Before this switch, I found their cup titles to be a little misleading. I had always thought the old medium size should have been called a small, it was just really tiny. Perhaps it is because we are so used to drinks being gigantic that I thought this way, but I am probably not the only one. By adding the new Extra Large to their product line, Tim Horton’s positions themselves right next to Starbucks. The new Extra Large will now be a 24 oz. drink instead of the old 20 oz. How does this relate to Starbucks you ask? Well, the Starbucks Venti is also 24 oz. Now coffee lovers who want that really really big coffee will have a choice between Starbucks and Timmy’s. Whats also great about this move is that the prices for the original sizes will stay the same. But you’ll only need to pay about 20 cents more for the 24 oz. Extra Large. I really like this move and I believe this will get Timmy’s more customers and a bigger share of the market.

Great move by Timmy’s. More Coffee. More Value. More Timmy’s


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Getting a “rise” from Cialis

Over the past month or so, Cialis has been airing a couple of new advertisements on Canadian television. Canadian advertising standards prevent Cialis and other similar companies from directly stating what their product does. So Cialis has to imply their product’s effects through their visuals.

In Cialis’ previous campaigns, the main characters are married, however there seems to be no mention of them having any children. There were a couple of advertisements that were quite prominent on Canadian television in the past. One with a younger couple scrambling around the house to turn off faucets, turn off ovens and other household mishaps that are a result of Cialis’ effects. The other shows an older couple showing up late to an opera, and then “Cialis” is flashed across the screen. Obviously these ads were targeted at couples who do not have kids yet, or older couples who’s children have already moved out are are now in the “reconnecting” stage.

In Cialis’ recent ads, they have included children into the equation. The new commercials focus on parents who still have younger or teenaged children. They demonstrate that parents can still have their fun even while their kids are at home. Although it is not explicitly stated or demonstrated, it is easy to understand the implied meaning if you know what Cialis actually is.

Here are a couple of examples from Cialis’ current campaign:

I found these commercials to be quite funny and made me chuckle a little bit. They are ambiguous enough so that children won’t be able to understand the commercial, yet they are still able to get their message across to their target audience. This allows the commercials to be shown during all times of day, so that they can still show these ads at times when children may be watching.

I like the fact that Cialis never takes themselves too seriously, as they always tend to make their ads humorous. The only thing that I would try to improve on is the fact that the commercials can be so vague that the audience may not understand the message. If an uninformed audience were to watch the commercials they would be so confused that they would have no idea what Cialis actually does.

I think that Cialis would have a more successful campaign and would reach their target market more effectively if they were a little more direct and obvious with their message. I realize that their one of their main competitors, Viagra, are releasing ads that are ambiguous as well, but it doesn’t mean that Cialis has to as well.



Hello world!

Hello world! This is my inaugural post in ThisisaMarketersWorld Blog. In this blog I will discuss, analyze and offer my own thoughts on anything related to marketing. I hope to update this blog AT LEAST once a week. I hope you, whoever you are, will find my views interesting and I invite you to give your own thoughts.

Let me tell you a little about myself. I am currently a Third Year Marketing student at the ┬áSauder School of Business at UBC. I enjoy long walks on the beach and… Just kidding :). I was born and raised in the Vancouver area and I am a HUGE hockey fan but an even bigger Canucks fan. I have become very passionate in marketing in recent years and going to school for it has definitely added fuel to my fire. I hope to use this blog to develop my marketing skills and to give the cyber world a little taste of my opinions. So, lets see how this blog works out!

Until next time. Cheers


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