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What is SEO and why does it matter?

When you want to find some information about a your favourite celebrity, or something that you just saw on TV or even if you’re doing research for a school paper, where do you look first? Well, more often than not, the first place you look is the Internet. You usually go to Google and type in some keywords relating to your topic and BOOM! A whole plethora of information related to your search pops on to your screen. So how does Google know to suggest all of those pages? Well its all about Search Engine Optimization!

What is it and how does it work?

Search Engine Optimization is a tool used by search engines that finds the most relevant websites to your search topic. The Engines scan all of the websites on the internet and absorbs all of the information on the page. They look at Page Titles, links, key words and reputation, and use an algorithm to determine whether the webpage is suitable to what you are looking for. Then they will place the most relevant pages at the top of the list.

Why Does it matter?

Search Engine Optimization is probably the most helpful innovation for users of search engines… and I guess the search engine itself, since it needs SEO to be useful. Having an effective SEO tool saves a TON of time and effort for people! In less than a second, the search engine will be able to bring up the most relevant website for the user and they can get the necessary information very quickly. Without having SEO, the user would have to painfully search through every webpage and hope that it is the one they are looking for. It has changed the way people access information, and the speed at which they do it as well.

SEO not only benefits the users of the search engines or the intended audience, it also helps out the webpage creators and advertisers. SEO will use the algorithm and its findings to bring up the most relevant webpage. This is very beneficial for the lucky page that gets put at the top of the list because they will most likely be the first page that people look at. It increases awareness, visits and popularity. For the other webpages, it should be their goal to change the wording on their page or do other initiatives in order for the SEO algorithm to recognize them and move them higher up on the list.

SEO can also be used for marketing. The same process that is used for webpages can be used for advertisements. So for example, if someone is searching for concert tickets, SEO can be used to show advertisements and links to merchandise for the band thats playing that pops up alongside recommended websites. It allows marketers to reach their target audience and will help their strategies be more effective. This way it becomes more of an active marketing technique rather than placing an ad in the newspaper and hoping your target gets the message.


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Redesigning “USA Today” for Tomorrow

Hello again! I know I’ve been terrible with doing these blog posts, but I’m gonna try really hard to stay on top of things!

From here on out, these posts will be for my Commerce 464 E-Marketing class. Hopefully it will be informative and entertaining for my readers..if I have any haha. Anyways… here I go!

I recently stumbled upon an article on which featured a story on USA Today’s launch of it’s redesigned website. USA Today is moving towards a more current and “cool” interface that showcases more pictures and allows for more user engagement. I found this to be quite intriguing since USA Today is differentiating itself from other newspaper websites that are normally quite boring and get straight to the facts. Additionally, the redesign will also apply to the print editions of the newspapers.

The new design makes the webpage feel more like an app. With bright colours, prominent pictures and a “timeline” of the top stories, the new webpage is much more interactive and engaging and it is also very easy to navigate. This may be an effort to stay relevant and to gain more young readers and, in my opinion, it works. Younger people are used to seeing modern webpage designs and are used to using apps on a daily basis. One of the good things about the new website is that the same interface can be used across different devices, whether it be online, iPad apps, smartphones etc.

The article on also stated that the new design was largely driven by a desire to give advertisers more exposure. The website is equipped with the standard advertisements on the sidebars. Thats nothing new. However, what is new to the redesigned USA Today website is the idea of full page advertisements. Every few clicks, a full page advertisement is scheduled to pop-up in front of the reader, which can easily be closed by clicking an “x”. Again, this idea is similar to an app. Its not uncommon to see an ad pop up while you’re playing a game on your iPod, and this is nothing different.

I think the redesign is a great move by USA Today. It took an old, relatively boring looking interface and upgraded it to the digital standards of 2012. Well done.

The old USA Today:

The New USA Today:


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