Redesigning “USA Today” for Tomorrow

Hello again! I know I’ve been terrible with doing these blog posts, but I’m gonna try really hard to stay on top of things!

From here on out, these posts will be for my Commerce 464 E-Marketing class. Hopefully it will be informative and entertaining for my readers..if I have any haha. Anyways… here I go!

I recently stumbled upon an article on which featured a story on USA Today’s launch of it’s redesigned website. USA Today is moving towards a more current and “cool” interface that showcases more pictures and allows for more user engagement. I found this to be quite intriguing since USA Today is differentiating itself from other newspaper websites that are normally quite boring and get straight to the facts. Additionally, the redesign will also apply to the print editions of the newspapers.

The new design makes the webpage feel more like an app. With bright colours, prominent pictures and a “timeline” of the top stories, the new webpage is much more interactive and engaging and it is also very easy to navigate. This may be an effort to stay relevant and to gain more young readers and, in my opinion, it works. Younger people are used to seeing modern webpage designs and are used to using apps on a daily basis. One of the good things about the new website is that the same interface can be used across different devices, whether it be online, iPad apps, smartphones etc.

The article on also stated that the new design was largely driven by a desire to give advertisers more exposure. The website is equipped with the standard advertisements on the sidebars. Thats nothing new. However, what is new to the redesigned USA Today website is the idea of full page advertisements. Every few clicks, a full page advertisement is scheduled to pop-up in front of the reader, which can easily be closed by clicking an “x”. Again, this idea is similar to an app. Its not uncommon to see an ad pop up while you’re playing a game on your iPod, and this is nothing different.

I think the redesign is a great move by USA Today. It took an old, relatively boring looking interface and upgraded it to the digital standards of 2012. Well done.

The old USA Today:

The New USA Today:



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