BodyForm understands Social Media’s Importance

Over the last week or so, BodyForm has been generating a lot of buzz online. For those who have been living under a rock lately BodyForm, a British feminine hygiene company, responded to a post on their Facebook page from an individual named Richard. Here is what he wrote:

As a guy, I found this to be pretty funny and ridiculous since he was calling BodyForm out. We all know that females are an adventure during “their time”… but not in a good way. However, BodyForm’s response was even better.

BodyForm did a great job monitoring online, its clear that the “get it” when it comes to Social Media. My last few blog posts have talked about the importance of monitoring and allocating resources to Social Media for customer service. This is exactly what I was talking about. Although it may not have been a crucial customer complaint, they did a great job becoming aware of the post and recognizing the opportunity to respond. They used humour to take a cheeky “customer” complaint and turn it into a PR gem. As a result, this video has spread across the internet and now a lot more people know who BodyForm is. BodyForm clearly had a triage system set up, and it worked.

However, I am skeptical of a few things. First, is this real or just a PR stunt? For all we know, Richard could be a fake account created by an employee of BodyForm. Second, why bother responding to Richard’s post. He isn’t the target market of BodyForm and would never use their products, so what was the point of this? Sure it created lots of buzz but is it really effective at reaching out to women. BodyForm’s response seemed like it was targeted to men and attempted to educate them. I don’t see the connection between this and increasing BodyForm’s sales among women. Lastly, from what I am aware of, this is quite a radical change in BodyForm’s past advertisement or communication strategies. Now BodyForm can’t undo this and they have to keep it up. They can’t go back to their old, boring and more mainstream ads. BodyForm will now have to alter their communications strategy to be coherent. Look for more interesting BodyForm advertisements on the horizon.


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