What does the iPad Mini Mean to Marketers?

Ok so whats the big deal with the iPad Mini? It’s just a smaller version of the lastest iPad, theres nothing else radically different about it right? Well the answer is both yes and no. For the average person the iPad hasn’t changed other than the size. But for marketers thats what makes the new iPad Mini so much better.

The big selling point for the last few generations of iPads was it’s small size and ease of portability. However, most users rarely took their iPads away from a stationary spot such as their living rooms or their business. The reason for this is because the size of the iPads were simply too big to be taken “on-the-go.” They were awkward and needed two hands to be used which made it’s portability questionable. No one wants to be seen with walking around with a huge iPad in their hands. So Apple recently came out with the new iPad Mini to make it easier to take your iPad with you wherever you go.

Why does this matter to marketers you ask? Well like I said before, the old iPads were barely taken “on-the-go” with their users. Although it was supposed to change the way marketers interacted with their audience, it was really just another medium to supply the same old marketing messages. However, the iPad Mini will change this. Now that more users will take their iPads around with them, marketers will be able to harness mobile marketing. The iPad Minis offer marketers a truly mobile platform to present their brand to users. Now marketers can be interactive and offer advertisements based on the locations of the user. It provides a better touchpoint that marketers can use to influence the consumer’s decision journey. I know this is hardly revolutionary since this is already happening with smart phones, but the bigger screens and better technology in the iPad Minis provide a much better medium to advertisers. They wont need to shrink their ads or messages down to a size that fits a smartphone. The size of the iPad Mini gives advertisers the perfect sized canvas to paint a picture of their brand.

The more mobile capable iPad Mini will be beneficial for users too. It will allow them to be spontaneous and act on an ad that just popped up on their screen, targeted to their exact location. Or it can disrupt the user’s original purchasing decision and get them to change instantly after seeing an advertisement. Who knows, maybe this will get users to try new things in their city that they never had before.

The big selling point of the iPad Mini to marketers is that its going to allow you to do exactly what the other iPad was supposed to do: reach customers while they are active and on-the-go.


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