What’s the big deal with Blogs?

When thinking about the topic for the next blog post, I pretty much drew a blank. After spending an hour or so trying to find something to write about, I came up empty. Then I thought to myself, why do we blog anyways? Whats the big deal? Then the lightbulb turned on in my head. Voila! That’s what I should blog about.

So here I am now, writing a blog post about blogs. Its amazing how you discover something productive when you least expect it.

Ok so back to those two initial questions I asked myself. Why do people write blogs in the first place? Why is it such a big deal, or more importantly, is it a big deal? After doing more thinking about this topic I came to a few conclusions.

Why do people blog?

1. To speak their minds.

Many people create blogs so they have a place to freely express themselves. Unlike Facebook or Twitter or any other social media outlet, blogging can be anonymous and completely non-judgemental. Anyone can easily create a blog and start writing. But its also just as easy for your blog to go unnoticed. And thats the beauty of it. You can be free to write whatever you want without the inhibitions of peer pressure or how your social networks will react. There are no guidelines or expectations in blogs, You determine your content. In the end, a blog is an insignificant speck in the online universe. It just depends on if someone finds it, and wants to read it.

2. To share expertise and insights

There are endless blogs created by experts (whether endorsed or not) sharing their opinions and insights about a particular industry. This is the same in sports, business, the arts, politics, etc. The bloggers take to the online forums to spread their knowledge to their readers, that is if they have any. More often then not, these bloggers are actually valuable and do have useful information to pass on. Whether it be a review, a reinterpretation, a quick thought or opinion, most of the time the expert blogs have a big effect on their loyal readers. As more people look to the internet to gather information, blogs are becoming an increased resource for consumers. And the experts are taking note.

So what?

1. They add value

Expanding on my last point about experts, blogs can add value. In the case of an expert in an industry, large amounts of information can be shared and gained through blogs. Instead of writing books or constantly appearing on television, many experts invest their time and knowledge into blogs. Also, the speed at which blogs can be written offers a great tool for the experts to share their expertise about current events and popular topics as they arrive. Furthermore, I also mentioned earlier that an increasing amount of people look to the internet to gather information. Blogs are a gold mine for information, especially if they are written by a reputable author or expert in an industry. If someone is looking for the latest trends in technology they can always rely on Blog X, or if someone wants to know a review for a movie, look for the blog of a reliable movie critic. Blogs can be written by anyone, but it just depends on if people really want to read what you have to say. And if you’re a so-called expert or someone with something valuable to say, Blogs are a valuable weapon in your arsenal.

2. They create discussion

Once someone writes a blog and assuming people care what they have to say, chances are people will talk about it. It is very common for bloggers to cite each other and build on, or oppose what the original author had to say. This is a very valuable attribute about blogs. This is hardly revolutionary in the world of opinions, but the speed and the reach that is available through blogs is new. Anyone has the ability to read a blog and form a well versed critique or endorsement of a particular topic. Healthy discussions can arise out of a single blog post, and its a great way to view other opinions. In many cases the responses to the original blog are very valuable, and are a useful tool for business. It’s very easy to see the sentiment among users in the online world and how different people perceive a particular topic/item. Businesses are aware of this and many invest resources into monitoring blogs and the responses that follow. Its not uncommon for businesses to comment on a blog these days.

In conclusion, Blogs are a medium for people to express their thoughts, opinions, knowledge and insights to the cyber world. Although there are many blogs that are essentially useless, there are also many blogs that add value to our lives and are instrumental in the decisions that people make or opinions that people form. Blogs have the power to reach out to businesses and sway perceptions. In the end, Blogs are a big deal and they should be taken seriously. Whether they are about the latest trends in business or an opinion about an advertisement, someone is bound to read it and one seemingly insignificant blog post may turn out to be something huge.


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